Sayonara Kumagaya

Dateline: Saigon.

Even the world’s most expensive Internet Cafe can’t stop me from blogging the end of my trip. Farewell Kumagaya, shining pearl of lesser-known Japan. I shall miss your embarrassingly titled brothels, your indifferent schoolgirls, your solitary tolerable watering hole. Add it all together and you’ve got a place of such character that it echoes through the ages. Paris! New York! Bendigo! Kumagaya! Now I’ve seen them all, I can die happy.

While I’m on here, big ups to Matt for being such a terrific host and friend. Our goodbye was short – my train was waiting on the platform when we got there – but perhaps it was for the best as I didn’t have to put into words how I felt, and maybe muck it up. You know what I think of you, dude.

How’s the ass?

Well, the timer’s already down to three minutes, and my plane to Melbourne leaves in under an hour, so I’m off. End of the trip.

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