Time just keeps on slipping

– Went to Matt’s school for the day.
– He taught his students to rob each other.

– Met and hung out with Matt’s friend Leila. Went Engrish shopping. Kicked Leila’s ass at her favourite game, Guilty Gear XX. Had photos taken.
– Went clubbing at night. Met Masami, a Kumagaya local living in New York.

– Went into town with Matt and Leila and met Andrew.
– Toured around Akihabara’s “Electric Town” until about 4:30
– Went to Shibuya and visited crazy Anime store, Mandarake, mandarake.co.jp, where I bought an original frame of Ken from G-Force for 3000 Yen. Ate great food and had all we could drink as well. Went to a Karaoke parlour.
– Andrew’s girlfriend Momo and her friend Anri arrived.
– Matt and Leila went home, the rest of us went dancing at Gas Panic in Gaijin-central: Roppongi. Afterwards we watched the truly god-awful “Simone”, in which Al Pacino performed ritual Hari-Kiri on his career.

– Slowly recovered then met Matt and Kazuyo at Shibuya station. Had Thai food for lunch, visited the goth hangout and nearby Meiji Shrine at Harajuku.
– Visited a large buddhist temple but it was closed.
– Went back to Kumagaya.

– Met Yuka for breakfast, she spoke about her visit to Thailand and her Thai boyfriend, who is leaving his wife and children for her. Wondered if two different planet Earth’s might have been confused somehow.
– Went home and then bought headphones for Zaurus, played Guilty Gear XX against Matt and kicked his ass too. New favourite game!
– That night, went out and met some more of Matt’s Japanese friends. Their English wasn’t great, but we had a good time and ate some great food, like crab claws and deep-fried squid.
– At night, went for long, semi-drunken walk. Used Internet

– Caught Shinkansen to Tokyo and Kyoto
– Wandered Kyoto with Royce (NZ) and Asha (UK), two guys I met at the J-Hoppers, the hostel I’m staying at.

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