Kitten Kaboodle Review!

Last Tuesday was my last Kitten Kaboodle show for at least a month. Janelle’s friend Michael is sitting in on keys, and he is just amazing. He played piano on Tuesday, and I did the normal impro thing with the rest of the crew (Janelle, Justin, Jamie, Rob and Adam V MC’d). We got great feedback from the audience for having a strong sense of teamwork, which is always nice to hear.

The show started with a normal singing die, in which we attempt to sing a shared story while the MC points at random cast members, who then have to continue singing where the last person left off. Some people (i.e. Rob 😉 are way too good at this, and occasionally have to, er, not try so hard, which he did beautifully when he suicided.

The games were great fun all night. I loved Emotional Alphabet with Rob. We had to begin each sentence with the next letter of the alphabet, starting with Q, and during the scene the MC called out various emotions which we used to influence the scene. The topic was Badminton, but I don’t think we played a single shot as we gradually got around to 69’ing on the floor. Hil-a-rious.

Another fun game in the first half was Serenade, in which Justin and I serenaded Janelle, a Finance officer who liked to knit. I didn’t realise I knew so many financial terms until the awful finance-specific puns stared pouring out of my mouth. “You’re a General Ledger(nd)” being one of the worse ones. You almost could hear the “Voom!” as it flew over people’s heads. Me Nerd. The audience loved it anyway. I don’t know whether to be happy or terrified when I’m reminded on stage just how humans love to see others humiliated.

We kicked off the second half of show with the new Singing Die format, in which we sing a The Doo Ron Ron having to rhyme every line with a single syllable name until someone gives up, e.g. (person number indicated with numeral)

1: I found an old dog and I called him Bill
all: (The Doo Ron Ron Ron The Doo Ron Ron)
2: I took him to the park, it was such a thrill,
all: (The Doo Ron Ron Ron The Doo Ron Ron)
all: (Yeah)
3: He ran down the hill
all: (Yeah)
3: And he took a spill
all: (Yeah)
3: I had a view to a kill
all: (The Doo Ron Ron Ron The Doo Ron Ron)
4: He went up to heaven and looked like a dill
all: (The Doo Ron Ron Ron The Doo Ron Ron)
5: Because he kept on licking his cock
(BAAAARP! 5, You’re out)

Another new game we played was Motown (or something like that), essentially creating a motown song with a group of people who each step up and sing about a job, e.g. Tram Conducting. It started to get really good in rehearsals, but didn’t quite come off on stage because we weren’t quite comfy with the music. I’m sure next time, after another rehearsal, it will be much better.

In the end, it was a great night, and recent shows have been all the better for the incredible support we’re getting from the Kitten Club. They bring us drinks at half-time, they talk about big things in the future. It’s fantastic. You definately don’t get that kind of treatment everywhere.

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